Small bayhood

The small north lake is long, and the north and south are 6 kilometers long. The maximum width is 0.5 kilometers and the area is 4 square kilometers. The lake is discharged from the south by the small north lake river into jingbo lake. Surrounded by mountains, the water is clear, and the lotus flowers grow in the lake, forming a high-latitude lotus community. It has been turned into a tourist destination. Little bayhood around the original lush forest, the basic types of vegetation in Korean pine needle mixed, with small bayhood seed forest farm, is the heilongjiang province one of the major bases of natural changbai larch, Korean pine provenance.

The small north lake reserve covers a total area of 66,080 hectares with a total volume of 5.8 million cubic meters. Among them, there are 57,833 hectares of woodland. The 6,483 hectares of wetlands are located between the valleys, with an altitude of 1,260 meters and a minimum of 370 meters, with an average altitude of 810 meters.

According to investigation statistics, the small bayhood nature reserve, a total of 677 species, among them, 74 species of moss plants, ferns, 57 species of gymnosperms, 6, 540 species of angiosperms, small bayhood reserve zonal plant for broad-leaved Korean pine. According to the investigation, there are three kinds of animal species in the small north lake protected area, namely, sable, leopard and tiger. There are 7 kinds of animal species under state protection (category ii), respectively, brown bear, black bear, the skunk, lynx, musk deer, red deer, blue sheep, forest management area in recent years found that wild amur tigers activities many times, the tiger and the injured horse four central television made a report. Protection zones at the national level to protect birds there are four Chinese mergansers, single crane, eastern white duck, golden eagles, 32 species secondary protection, secondary protection birds sparrowhawks, kestrels, yuanyang, flower hazel hen, etc. The more common.

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