Purple ling lake

The lake is located about 8 km northwest of the waterfall landscape of the hanging water building, and the lake area is 53 square meters. It is located in the east of the waterfall village, and the west is the dragon lake villa, the south of jingbo lake, and the north of cuiping mountain. In the late one million years ago jingbo volcanoes erupt, formed the vast lava plateau, here is low-lying, stone Turkey stone river flows through here, forming a small lake, is China's largest existing a retained intact volcanic lake wetland. The hard SLATE and cuiping mountains are surrounded by other wetlands. The ecological environment of the lake is advantaged. Mountain, water, forest, grass and flowers in the island into an organic whole, reflect the huge cohesive force of volcanic rocks in the wetland, attract flocks of wild ducks, egrets, crow, warbler, azalea, pheasant, quail, sparrows, etc., or its wings in the air, or swimming in the lake, serene and harmonious, was a charming winning with water, island tourism vacation wonderland.

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