Jingpohu Valley

Located in the east 500 meters of the waterfall landscape, the valley is over 3,000 meters long. The pure nature of the mirror park canyon terrain, the river slope is large, twists and turns, rock and roll, beach rocks overlap, water potential. The river bank is full of stone. Hieroglyphic stone is the masterpiece of nature, it seems like human beings like the Buddha, and it is not rare to be like a snake. In the flood season, the surging river surges in the valley, the spray splashing, mist transpiration, the sun gao zhao, the float light jump gold, one side of the canyon male wind. It is said that rock, waterfalls, mountain gorge, magnificent and magnificent, all show "thousands of competitive show," the appearance of the "race."

Mirror the north garden valley is unique, the Korean hospitality, civility, and grandmather tradition continues today, with the cheerful long drum and lively Gou inflammation party every night, north Korea has the reputation of "happy people" national actors sing folk songs with tourists, with dance folk dance. The intrepid fierce wrestling, dedicated FeiDang high swing with sports and entertainment, unique flavor characteristics of authentic Korean food, residential accommodation, the original folk performances, totem, scared tree, simple folkway interwoven into moving life long corridor, all this strongly attract millions of tourists.

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