The feedback session of revalidation for Jingpohu UNESCO Global Geopark is successfully convened

On the afternoon of August 8th, the experts  check the related material of Jingpohu Global Geopark and give the feedback.


At the feedback meeting, Du Jijun,Deputy Mayor of Mudanjinag City, Director of Jingpohu UGGp Management Committee, expresses sincere thanks and gratitude to the work of experts, the national and provincial departments and people who have long been concerned about the Jingpohu Global Geopark. Mr.Du also orders all the staff  will effectively strengthen the effect of Jingpohu Global Geopark Management Committee. The Geopark will strive to build a first-class Global Geopark. Besides, the Geopark will further increase exchanges and cooperation with the other global geopark both in China and at aboard, develop the international space of cooperation in larger scale and in  wider field, and jointly protect Jingpohu area, the treasures of all mankind.

On the afternoon of August 8th,Mudanjiang City government hold a farewell banquet for the experts. The attendees include:

Ms.Yuan Xiaohong,The Department of Geoparks of the state administration of forestry and grassland of China.

Mr.He Qingcheng,Executive Director of National Geopark Network, Director of GGN and the Chief Coordinator of APGN

Mr. Zhao Zhizhong, Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Geological Science and Deputy Director of National Geopark Network

Mr. Gaolei,Deputy Section Chief of Department of Land Resources of Heilongjiang Province

 Mr.Du Jijun,Deputy Mayor of Mudanjinag City, Director of Jingpohu UGGp Management Committee

Mr.Cheng Peng, Deputy Secretary General of Mudanjiang Government

Mr.Sun Dezhi, Executive Director of Jingpohu UGGp Management Committee

Mr. Guo Benzheng, the Board Chairman of Jingpohu Tourism Group

Pro. Li Jiangfeng, the chief expert of Jingpohu Global Geopark

Pro. Su Dechen, the volunteer and expert of Jingpohu Global Geopark

Mr. Liang Chen, President of Heilongjiang Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology Prospecting Institute



After the farewell banquet,the experts go back by air.


The Experts Check the Related Material


The Experts Change Ideas with Staff


 Ms.Alessandra Casini,the Expert Makes the Feedback


Mr.Goran Radonic,the Expert  Makes the Feedback


Group Photo of the experts and Staff of the Geopark


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