Study history books, explore Yimeng culture -- Yimeng mountain popular science activities enter the big (Wuhan), nanjing university

Recently, Yimengshan Geopark held an activity on the campus of geological culture popularization at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Nanjing University.

This activity is part of Yimengshan Geopark Science Popularization Program, with the help of foot crawler, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Nanjing University. In addition to the teachers and students in our school, it also attracts the participation of teachers and students and interested people in the surrounding colleges. The effect and influence range of the activities are beyond expectations.

Wang Zhaobo, a geologist in Yimengshan Geopark, introduced the comprehensive situation of the park and explained the geological resources of the park. The paper mainly explains the formation mechanism of Mengshan tortoise stone, and expounds the profound influence of tortoise stone on the ancient culture and Taoist culture of Mengshan. It also shows us a vivid example of the interaction between geology and culture. The lecture was followed by a live interaction with the participants to answer their concerns.

In addition to giving lectures on popular science, Yimengshan Geopark also gave away popular science books and publicity materials published by the park to the school of the event. The award-winning students were presented with popular science materials and commemorative products in the park.

Yimengshan Geopark has been holding on to the concept of popularizing geological knowledge and promoting geological culture, and has formulated a detailed plan for popularizing science. After this activity, Yimengshan Geopark will also continue to carry out various forms of popular science publicity activities as planned to tell geological stories so that the geopark can play a greater social role.

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