Jiuhuashan geopark science campus walking into Anhui university of technology

On April 11, "Miraculous land, wish Jinghuashan-Jinghuashan Geopark Campus", Anhui University of Technology Station Science Popularization Lecture activity was successfully held, attracting the participation of more than 200 teachers and students of Anhui University of Technology and other university teachers and students.

Sponsored by the Jinghuashan National Geopark Management Committee and co-organized by the School of Earth and Environment of Anhui University of Technology, the event was organized with the theme of "Geology and Cultural Landscape of Jinghuashan Geopark, Anhui." The presenter introduced to the teachers and students the geological knowledge of Jinghuashan Geopark, plant landscape, animal landscape, human landscape, and so on, in plain language, in the form of pictures and texts, and introduced the geological knowledge of Jinghuashan Geopark to the teachers and students. The characteristics of "towering, fresh, nourishing and flourishing" of the landform and ecological landscape of Jinghuashan are the important principles of Buddhist site selection.

After the seminar, the management office of Jinghuashan Geopark donated books on geology, tourism and culture to the School of Earth and Environment of Anhui University of Technology. Then, Jinghuashan Geopark Science volunteers explained to the students as a science volunteer in Jinghuashan Geopark. At the end of the event, 6 students who entered the interactive lottery were given exquisite gifts.

This popular science campus trip is one of the series of science popularization activities carefully prepared by Jinghuashan to declare the World Geopark. Next, Jinghuashan will also carry out more colorful activities to spread the seeds of geoscience around the world, contributing more strength to the popularization of science in the geopark.

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