The internal organs, principals and functions of the jingo lake management committee
The eight administrative departments of the jingpo river management committee
(1) political department (0453-6996686)
Director: wang limin
To be responsible for the construction, organization, publicity, labor wage, welfare, personnel, deployment, appraisal and reward, labor and personnel supervision, personnel archives and daily preparation management of the committee
Work; To be responsible for the construction of spiritual civilization, the reception of letters and visits and the management of retirees.
(2) office (0453-6996818)
Director: zhang shixiang (director)
Responsible for the integration, investigation, coordination and service of the situation; To be responsible for the administrative affairs, affairs and financial work of the administrative committee; To be responsible for the meetings of the party committee and the chairman's office
Record the work; To be responsible for coordination and coordination of large conference; Responsible for the administration of secretarial, archives, confidentiality, machine, logistics and fixed asset management; negative

To work in public affairs and office automation; To supervise, urge and coordinate the implementation of resolutions; Responsible for external reception work.
(3) finance bureau (0453-6996689)
Commissioner: tang li
Responsible for the financial management of the management committee; To be responsible for the management of state-owned assets and assets appraisal; To prepare the annual financial budget report; To the organs of the administrative committee, enterprises and institutions
To guide, supervise and administer the financial, financial and extrabudgetary funds; Responsible for the implementation of funds; Responsible for project bidding and government procurement; Responsible for the scene
District price and statistics work.
(4) planning and construction bureau (0453-6996695)
Director: liu chunmei (director)

The law of the People's Republic of China, the building law of the People's Republic of China, the bidding and bidding law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations of the provinces and cities shall be implemented
; To be responsible for the overall planning and detailed planning and preparation of the scenic spots; To be responsible for planning and prequalification of planning and construction projects; Responsible for scenic spot project construction
Set up the construction approval work, responsible for the approval of the application for the construction project, the construction project bidding and tendering management, construction contract, supervision contract approval, and the construction
The work of the permit; To be responsible for the construction management of scenic spots; To be responsible for the safety supervision of scenic spots.
(5) land resources environmental protection bureau (0453-6996168)
Director: zhang xiaojuan
The law of the People's Republic of China on environmental protection law, the land administration law of the People's Republic of China, the law on mineral resources of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws of provinces and cities
Regulations, regulations, etc.; Responsible for the protection management and audit of land, minerals, aquatic organisms, wildlife, water bodies and other resources in the scenic spot, and responsible for environmental management in the scenic area
To monitor and control all kinds of pollution, to coordinate and monitor the high water level of the lake and the forest trees.
(6) social services authority (0453-6996722)
Chief: horse righteousness
To be responsible for the total control of the ship's boat and the annual launching and approval of the ship; To be responsible for the approval and management of the plaque and advertisement in the scenic spot; To be responsible for market access and operation of tourism products
(7) tourism authority (0453-6996720)
Director: rows
To be responsible for the publicity of the laws and regulations of the tourism industry, to study and formulate tourism development plans of scenic spots, to organize the implementation of external publicity and promotion, and to be responsible for the opening, closing, declaration and approval of business units
Report to the higher authorities, the evaluation of travel agencies and star hotels, etc.; Responsible for tourism product development, tourism market order and service quality supervision and management, guide person
Staff management training, etc. Responsible for the survey of scenic spots, tourism statistics, handling of tourists' complaints, construction and maintenance of jingo lake tourism information network.
(8) administrative enforcement bureau (0453-6996718)
Director: qin guang
To exercise the administrative penalty in respect of laws, regulations and regulations of the regulations of the scenic area; Exercise of the green, landscape and landscape of the scenic spot ordinance
The administrative penalty right of the laws, regulations and rules of landscape management; To exercise the supervision and inspection of the planning and construction management in the scenic area of the scenic spot
Check the buildings that do not meet the planning requirements of the scenic spot according to the relevant regulations, and investigate and punish illegal ACTS in accordance with the law.
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