Granite Geological Relics along Mudanjiang River

Granite Canyon (Jingpo Gorge) is located in the hanging water falls under the waterfall to Wang Ba hall up to one thousand kilometers of the scenic area. Here the terrain, steep slope, filling the "Qian Yan Jingxiu, Wanlei fight flow" appearance. 

Looking down the mountain, in front of the landscape is staggering: I saw the mountain off the river, the two walls just like the sea, the rock more than thirty meters high, flat like a cut, round those who rub. Stones strange, if you do not see their own eyes, I can not believe there is such a rock in the world. Tight gorge, clear water, birdsong shaking rock soundless, reflection deep then, it is refreshing, it is really Wonderland - odd mountains, strange water, rocks. So strange, better than Guilin landscape, not to the Three Gorges. Jiangdu twists and turns, or rock ups and downs, fluctuating, beach stone overlap, water excitement. 

Falls Village trend-setting, the construction of three small-scale hydropower station. Riverbank Ping column Dingzhi, Cangfeng convergence stunned, dangerous rocks around, towering towering. When the flood season, the surging river, to the heavens and the sea potential, the power of the thunder washed away the river bank, spray splashing, mist and fog transpiration, sunshine, floating leap gold. There are more than a dozen small water curtain cave, can be described as stone walls, waterfalls hanging stream, wonderful odd canyon, beautiful. 

There is a poem: "The gorge is rolling over the thunderstorm, and the mountains are moving upwards and downwards, and the clouds are covered with pine and pine trees, and the fog winds around the cliffs and streams of smoke. Three Gorges into the blind. "

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