Volcanic eruption and environmental effects

It is generally believed that the Hawaiian-type volcanic eruption has less impact on the environment. However, the development of virgin forest in Jingpo Lake region and an important economic zone in northeastern China have not occurred in this area for thousands of years. However, The existence of jet activities, the potential volcanic eruption of the danger can not be ruled out, but once again eruption, the environment in the region will have a serious impact. On the other hand, the Quaternary erupted basalts in Jingpohu are characterized by a large number of stomata, indicating that volcanic eruptions released large amounts of gas. Therefore, the volcano can provide a theoretical basis for the correct evaluation of the impact of basaltic volcano eruption on the atmosphere.

In addition, the well-known ringing rice at home and abroad is produced in the Quaternary lava flow, and basalt composition of what they have? The research is of great scientific significance in agricultural geology.

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