Ten views of jingbo lake scenic spot

NO.1 Water fall

Located at the north end of the waterfall, the waterfall is a special natural source (world class), which resembles the famous Niagara Falls. The waterfall is generally about fifty and sixty meters wide, with a drop of ten meters. In the multiple stocks fell, but in flood season, the waterfall drops more than 20 meters, the highest maximum is more than 400 meters wide, the lake from the south, west, north three directions, with the avalanche, ying tan, straight from the top of lava wall like floating clouds heap snow, the white mist scattered, hundreds of meters, water droplets form; Like the Milky Way, the color of the cliff, the roar, the sound like rush, can be ten miles away.

NO.2 The long lake

Best steadily is jingbo lake scenic area, one of the three core scenic spot winding is "S" type is divided into bayhood, lake, south lake, the lake in the four parts, 45 km running about 100 li, so called the best long lake. The water area of the lake is 79 square kilometers, with a water area of 90.3 square kilometers and a total storage capacity of 1.62 billion cubic meters. It is the largest volcanic lava lake in the world. It was the five volcanoes that erupted around 10,000 years ago, and the lava blocked the ancient river channels of the mudanjiang river, forming a natural lava dam and forming the early stage of the lake. At the end of the late pleistocene, about 70,000 years ago, there were large volcanic eruptions. The more extensive lava embankment has been created, thus gradually forming the world's largest volcanic lava lake, which is the special natural source of scenic spot (world class). In the lake, there are white stone, the great lonely mountain, the small mountain, the pearl gate, Taoist mountain, the old one, the old one, and so on.

 NO.3 maung shan

Located at the east side of the old Montenegro mountains, maoshan mountain is the first nature source (national level) of jingbohu scenic area. The landscape is composed of two mountain ranges and is 824.4 meters above sea level. Its shape resembles the image of MAO zedong lying on his back in the memorial hall. It is 4,000 meters long, with clear features and a moderate proportion of body parts. In particular, there is a "mole" on the jaw (which is actually a big tree). Time found the mountain is also very surprise, it was in 1993, Harbin YouYiGong BiDeChang Mr Villa at the head of state building 1 platform inadvertently found, the best place to watch the time mountain I look to the best Angle is the head of state to floor. More than two million people have watched since the discovery, and the chairman's children, photography clubs and police guards have all come to watch and reflect on the magic of nature. Someone said that the President had not been to jingbo, but admire nature and chairman jingbo people to own and moved heaven and earth so will mount this turn into today's time, make it become a across the natural, across time and space, connotation is rich "holy mountain". A man is like his own mountain. The maharaja mountain, with its unwavering wind and bone, is unbeatable in heaven and earth. Anthropomorphized nature and natural personification are fully displayed here. The vast majority of tourists pay a visit to the maharaja mountain and all of the feelings from the heart, the wonder of the maoshan mountain.

NO.4 underground forest no.4 crater
Crater no. 4 is the main crater of the underground forest of the crater, and is the first nature source (national). At an altitude of 850 -- 970 meters, the diameter is 350 -- 550 meters, and the depth is 120 meters (second in 12 craters), and the ground form is long elliptic. The long axis goes to the north west, and the spillway is south, and the inner wall of the crater is convex and concave. The crater is home to a centuries-old thick foliage tree and vegetation, such as scaly, pine, and deciduous forest. The crater is wide at the bottom, with two sub-craters and subvolcanic cones in various shapes. The famous "silos" landscape is at the bottom of the crater, and when visitors reach the bottom of the crater, it seems to be looking up at the bottom of the crater.
In the steep hanging of the sheep, the magic of the lion rock, formed by the cooling of the volcano's lava, runs through the wall of the rock, connecting the three crater. A tree that is more than 400 years old is the most representative of the lava landscape.

NO.5 huzhou city
Huzhou city, also known as the city wall, is located in the south of the lake, and is the first person in the scenic area. The landscape is made up of three large terraced peaks, with an elevation of 524 meters and three facing the lake, a large peninsula. The landscape ridge is winding, and it's like a screen, the stone is standing, the rocks are jagged, the peaks are gathering, the rocks are competing, the cliff is dangerous, easy to defend hard to attack. The trees in the mountains are wooded. More than 1,200 years ago, the bohai sea was an ancient city built on this mountain to prevent the khitan invasion. The site remains the site of huzhou city. Ningan county Chronicles: "the city is above the jagged cliffs. The walls are made of granite and the circumference is 3 kilometers, and the city is about 5-7 meters high. The west gate is intact. It is about 10 meters high. There are three holes in the city, including the temple, the military field and the lookout post. The site is clear, the ancient wind is strong, and the scenery of "one city and half city lake" is added to the scenic spot.
During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the area of the city of the city of the city of the city of the city of the city of the people of the city of the city of the people's capital, the city of the people's capital, was one of the important strongholds of the Anti-Japanese War, and the water and water of the mountains left behind the heroic footprints and vigorous figures of the anti-japanese soldiers. Zhou Baozhong, Li Fan five, Li Yanlu, Chen Hanzhang star and the vast majority of anti-japan union calls warrior, with pure heart of salvaging the country and the nation, reject, surmount every difficulty, heroism, advance wave upon wave, and large the invading Japanese army launched a life-and-death struggle, and to create a hero of the epic battle hymn.
Years of wind and rain, the walls of the city are crumbling into the ancient ruins. Standing here in the thick, ancient mountain city, it seems to have seen the scene of the blood war between the ethnic group and the khitan, the Chinese and the Japanese invaders. It is this time and again the desperate struggle of death, the full bloom and expansion of the Chinese descendants of patriotism and revolutionary heroism.
In investigating chengqianglazi around, there are many natural landscape, such as suspension of spectacular tiger peak, for each of the three apes supremacy, exquisitely carved the xiaogushan, seeing them surprised apes, grand Kowloon play bead, xingshenjianbei's red female, mooring wall mirror sites of stains, nine dragon dance waves of scenery, and the famous the guanting etc, especially the net "Oriental coloured glaze world" magic blurred, breathtaking. It is a new scenic spot, huzhou city, which is unique and tasteful.
There is also a legend in the town of It was a long time ago that a young man in his twenties lived near the lake. He was guided by the old stone masons of the transformation of the gods, and after a great deal of bitterness, he killed the coyotes, took the serpent, and fought the goblin, and finally got the stone man. In the fight with the worm, he cut down two scales and cured the girl's eye disease. The stone is a treasure, a clap his shoulder to spit gold, the golden bull give the gold to the villagers. A few years later, the old stonemason took back the stone and gave him a white stone, which he said he could defend himself. Sure enough, a few days later, the water in the lake rose sharply. The insect that had been cut off was the best fish in the world, to drown the golden couple. Taurus thought of the help of an old stonecutter, picked up the white stones played in the past, white stone immediately turned into a hill, and killed the insect insect fish, the stone will never stand there too, establish vertical cliff, is now investigating chengqianglazi.

NO.6 xinglong temple
Xinglong temple, also known as the south temple, is located in the northeast of jingpo lake, and the important building of the capital city of bohai in the tang dynasty is the first-level people of the scenic spot (national level). Xinglong temple has a long history and holds many valuable cultural relics, such as the stone lamp and the great stone Buddha. The most famous stone lamp house is known home and abroad, and is a world class source. Stone lamp house is famous buddhist stone carving art of bohai kingdom period to stay, that is typical of sculpture and architecture art in the tang dynasty style, also has the characteristics of the bohai sea stone carving art, is a tang dynasty stone carving art in the northeast promotion of one of the results. Since the tang dynasty, the stone lamp block has a history of more than 1200 years, and has been recorded for more than 300 years. It is not only the representative of stone carving art in bohai sea, but also typical works of ancient stone carving art in China.

NO.7 glass world
The world of glass, commonly known as the Buddha of the Buddha, is known as the Buddha cliff. Located at the north side of the valley of the lake in jingbohu lake, it is more than 1000 meters from the city wall. Rock elevation 423.7 meters, 130 meters wide, a pyramid, the north is miles and miles of mountains, forest trees, connect to far to the south (positive) is a steep cliff, knife cut its rationalism, show the stone varies, piton eventful, numerous Buddha figures, majesty standing, various, vivid. It presents an amazing spectacle. Is the President of the buddhist association of China interpretation of a truly great monks, identified as the "Oriental net coloured glaze world", is the natural dojo Wang Qifo pharmacist lapis lazuli light, in a multitude of foshan, not to shake the leading member.

NO.8 mirror mooring canyon

The canyon is located at the east 500 meters of the waterfall landscape, and the canyon is more than 3,000 meters long. The pure natural mirror pool canyon terrain is very steep, the river slope is large, winding and zigzag, rock fall, the beach stone overlap, water potential tensing. The river bank is stony and full of gestures. The elephant stone is the masterpiece of nature, like the Buddha like the fairy, like a tortoise like a python is not rare. In fengshui period, the surging river water rushes in the canyon, spray splashing, the mist transpiration, the sun gao zhao, float light yue gold, a faction of the canyon. It is the appearance of rock, waterfall, mountain gorge, magnificent and magnificent.
The mirroring canyon is also a unique north Korean beauty garden. The Korean people are a cheerful, enthusiastic and enthusiastic people who can dance and dance. It is also a food culture, wine culture unique ethnic group. Whenever a great festival or visitor comes to the door, after dog and wine entertainment, they gather in the square, in the courtyard or on the kang, and the men and women, young and old, play and dance to the fullest. The passionate girl and the spirited young man will invite you to dance together. You will not dance the north Korean dance, but you will not be able to dance. At this time, you will truly appreciate the Korean nationality moving.
Entering the gate of the gate of the mirror - park canyon, the red arrow gate. It's purely a matter of name. On the south side of the gate, there are the unique "totem pole" of Korean nationality. The totem pole is an auspicious thing that can ward off evil spirits and protect the villagers. The front side of the building, named seven stars drum tower. According to the customs and customs of the Korean people, every month on the 7th day of the "7", they will be in the seven star drum tower to boast three times, in the worship of the martyrs, hoping that the five cereals, the six animals and the family will be safe.
The central part of the mirror park is the only place in the canyon that is relatively flat. You see, these houses that have strong Korean nationality amorous feelings, most are made by stone walls, straw Shan on the top of the housing, even the name of each housing, with distinctive ethnic Korean features.
Walking past this stone arch bridge, the front is the entertainment area, known as the "xinluo arena". It mainly carries out recreational activities, such as traditional Korean wrestling, tug-of-war, archery and springboard, swing, etc. There are also stones for chess, a unique chess board of the earth. Before and eighties of the 20th century, these activities but Korean popular projects, has extensive mass, the check and the elderly, the play boy didn't go to school, men and women, old and young, hungry, play together. The wrestling event, in particular, is more remarkable.

NO.9  ancient ice cave
Ancient ice aka god tunnel, located in the crane waterfall landscape water floor about 42 km northwest, the hole oval, hole 6 to 10 meters high, 30 meters wide, hole in a shallow pond, half-moon shaped, water quality pure, infiltration of surface water along the roof cracks, drip into the tunnel floor low areas. In the winter, the water formed ice, presenting a spectacular view of the world of ice and jade. Even in the hot summer, there was still unmelted ice in the water.
Legend has it that the Taoist priest lived to be 100 years old by drinking the god water. With relative fairy cave assumes the circular, the height 6 meters, 12 meters wide, but most of the underground to the crater of the volcano molten hole, like natural maze, flat on the floor of the cave and not slip, lava waterfall, rope, lava wave, lava and volcanic spectacle. Legend has it that the Taoist priest was in this cave. The fog-hole is oval, 15 meters high, 20 meters wide, the cave is about 300 meters deep, and the mist in the cave is shrouded in mist, and people are dispersed by fog. Legend has it that the Taoist priest used to cultivate and cultivate the immortal in this cave all day long.
In ancient ice contains two standing pole (aka YuanYangShu), two trees about 15 meters high, to 40 cm in diameter, spacing of less than 2 meters, like two people standing side by side. There is a poem: "the mandarin duck has been known for its love and never left". The legend is that the young sun, the juvenile of the city, unable to endure the chief bully, escaped into the crater of the crater, the bird and the phoenix as the medium, and was married to the girl haimei who was bullied by the monster. In desperate struggle with the mountain demon after both killed and into YuanYangShu, thick tall as YuanYang, fine pretty secretly for the sea. There is also a lucky tree that is more than 500 years ago. It is also known as the victory tree, the v-shape, 40 cm in diameter, and 20 meters high. It is like a thriving career and a successful study.

NO.10 purple lake
The lake is located about 8 km northwest of the waterfall landscape of the hanging water building, and the lake area is 53 square meters. It is located in the east of the waterfall village, and the west meets longtan mountain, the south of the lake, and the north of the lake. In the late one million years ago jingbo volcanoes erupt, formed the vast lava plateau, here is low-lying, stone Turkey stone river flows through here, forming a small lake, is China's largest existing a retained intact volcanic lake wetland. The hard slabs and cuiping hills are surrounded by other wetlands. The ecological environment of purple lake is advantaged. Mountain, water, forest, grass and flowers in the island into an organic whole, reflect the huge cohesive force of volcanic rocks in the wetland, attract flocks of wild ducks, egrets, crow, warbler, azalea, pheasant, quail, sparrows, etc., or its wings in the air, or swimming in the lake, serene and harmonious, was a charming winning with water, island tourism vacation wonderland.

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