Season flower fish

Season fish is mandarin fish, the name Siniperca chuatsi (Basilewsky), also known as mandarin fish, osmanthus fish, season flower fish, fat mandarin. The body is taller, the side flat, the back hump. The head is large, the mouth cleft slightly, the lower jaw is prominent, the upper jaw extends to the posterior margin of the eye. The upper mandibular front has canine teeth. The posterior margin of the anterior branchial cap is serrated. The pylorus is about 200. Inhabiting the stagnant or slow-flowing waters. There is the habit of lying down in the bottom of the lake and foraging at night. Fierce fish, other fish and shrimp. The reproductive season is between may and July, producing floating eggs. Good meat, little thorns, and a famous fish. The yield is high. Artificial breeding and breeding have been tried. Distribution in all the major water systems

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