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To jingbo lake, we need to take the mudanjiang city, Harbin to mudanjiang 360 kilometers, mudanjiang to jingbo lake 110 kilometers. Planes, trains and cars are convenient.

Flight: mudanjiang has flights to Beijing, tianjin, guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen and Qingdao.


Bus: Harbin to mudanjiang starts at 6:30am every day from 6:30am. The bus is open for several times. The price is between 70 and 90 yuan. From mudanjiang to jingbohu scenic spot, it takes about two hours to travel from mudanjiang railway station by bus to 110km.
Self-drive: Harbin toll station -- jingbo lake scenic spot, 440 kilometers, drive about 5 hours. Harbin -- G10 suifull high speed pingshan station -- yabuli -- mudanjiang (front entrance of the entrance of mudanjiang city) -- the north gate of jingbo lake scenic spot.
After arriving at the scenic spot, there are walking routes, sightseeing bus routes and sightseeing boat routes, which can be selected according to the needs.

Address: No. 70 JingFu Street Mudanjiang    Tel: 0453-6996711    Fax: 0453-6270037
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